Hi Andy, Karl and I wanted to thank you personally and from our hearts for your tremendous contribution to the success of this year’s Coaching Conference. Your presentation was top notch and the feedback we received was stellar. I hope you will join us next year in Cancun at our 4th International Conference. Thanks again Andy.

Andy truly impressed us with his credentials and unique approach to marketing. He helps us to clarify our strategy and already completely changed how we see our company and how we present ourselves to potential clients. He’s very focused on results and keeps us accountable for achieving them. Highly recommended.

I have run a small business for the past 20 years, and have tried a number of ideas and ways to develop it.It was not until I met Andy that i received the necessary advice and focus to improve sales and develop my business. Within a few months Andy had shown me how to increase my sales, turnover and profits. I would highly recommend Vanguard to anyone seeking to improve their business.

At the lunch there was a conversation about Andy Turner, the business coach/sales and marketing guru that I am working with, as are Marcus and Aidan. I was thinking you might be interested to find out a bit more about what he does and the benefits of working with such a person. It has certainly helped my business. I have copied Andy on this email so he can then introduce himself to you. I have become quite familiar with a lot of his sales and marketing strategies and tools and the online e-learning resources that he has and I think all of it would be ideally suited to a business such as yours. I hope you don’t mind me making the introduction, I just think it could be very worthwhile, it’s been good for me here and I’d like to see my friends get the opportunity to see the potential benefits.

I think it is so important to have a mentor in every aspect of our lives and Andy makes for a very impressive business mentor as well as an excellent trainer by focusing your attention to exactly were you and/or your company’s talents lie and how to make the best of what you have.

Andy is an absolute dream to work with. His advice and strategies have helped our company immensely. I have no problem recommending him and his services toanyone in business.

Great course Andy!, It was worth me spending the day on this course. You provided plenty of thought provoking insights on how to optimise sales opportunities for our business, excellent breadth of content and excellent delivery in a thoroughly professional manner. I already working on my “elevator pitch”. I have no problem recommending you to people in my network and I have your contact details. I’m still a believer in branding though!…..thanks for a great day, Michael.

Excellent day of building business skills. Andy is a very effective communicator and ensures the strategies are covered comprehensively with a personable style. I am looking forward to using these strategies to develop unexplored areas of our business.

Very informative day. Loads of content. Mind was buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm during the course. Need to reflect this week on the content and start implementing immediately! Ihave no doubt that this will increase my business turnover immediately.

I have been to Sales courses before but without a doubt Andy’s One-Day course was by far the best – by a country mile! His approach, the content, the relevance, the depth of topics covered, his delivery style, the plain language used and so on. The course has reinvigorated me and I have not stopped giving little nuggets to my employees since.

I attended a PIBA training course provided by Andy in September 2016 and found it extremely beneficial. Andy shared some excellent sales tips and techniques and it gave me the motivation to go out and really change my approach to marketing my business to clients. I also since availed of Andy’s promise to find my business €10,000 in hidden revenue, it proved to be a very worthwhile 45 minutes! Highly recommended.

Adrian Csapo, Owner of Green Leaf Services Ltd

Amazing Strategies to Improve your Business Performance – Guaranteed Achievable Results. Highly Recommended 10/10

If you want to know how to accelerate your business and your own learnings ùber quickly and simply then Andy is your man. Just 1 meeting inspired me to reconnect into the education of business and marketing and how valuable networking can be. Super night, thoroughly spoiled by Andy in both education and treats at his events. Very much looking forward to the next one!

Andy took a look at my business and gave me excellent advice on how to introduce my business to prospective clients and how to attract future clients through simple marketing steps. I would recommend Andy and the BEN events for all businesses, whether start-up or established.

Andy has a great set of structures for improving your business which he makes very easy to follow. His strategies for improving your business apply to all businesses, big and small. Highly recommended.

We wish to endorse Mr Andy Turner of Vanguard Business Coaching for his expertise in small business mentorship. In the short time since we at healthpro Nutrition and Exercise Specialists have been working with Andy, we have begun to revolutionise our approach to the way we market our business and it’s services and the strategies by which we generate sales. We would wholeheartedly recommend any start-up or fledgling enterprise aspiring to be market leaders to avail of Andy’s services from the outset.

I need all the help I can get with marketing and Andy is very good at making things simple yet very effective. The online tutorials, resources and webinars are a really good fit for me and the ongoing support and encouragement from Andy has been invaluable to date. His enthusiasm and interest in what I am trying to achieve has really helped to push me on and also makes me accountable for getting various elements done. Highly recommended!

I found the experience excellent , good opportunity to meet & network with new contacts , any opportunity to meet like minded business professionals is a major event and has a positive impact in growth my business.

I recently attended a workshop presented by Andy for SME businesses – which was very informative with numerous good marketing tips that I can implement to grow our business and client base. Andy was very enthusiastic and helpful – providing access to a library of tutorials. I would definitely recommend for all SME’s whether recent start-ups or well established.

Very welcoming. Great atmosphere. Very informative.

Very worthwhile day with Andy.

I enjoyed the event. It was very informative and a great way to network with other business owners in Dublin.

Excellent session that really gets you thinking about what you should be doing to get things right. Especially liked the piece on joint ventures. Important as a new start up to ally with other complimentary businesses to feed demand and growth.

Very interesting and informative, made me think outside the box. Nice to meet other entrepreneurs.

This was my first BEN event with Andy and it was very informative and I took away several useful ideas. Overall I thought the event was great and I would certainly attend again and would recommend it to other SME owners and managers who want to grow their businesses.

An enjoyable and informative event. Learned a few new tricks to boost our trade. Great to meet other businesses in their early start up times too.

I really enjoyed the seminar. Very informative and some prudent skills learned.

The presentation was clear and concise with helpful tips and advice that could be implemented into my daily activities very easy. Andy’s style of presentation encourages you to participate and ask questions without fear of sounding stupid.

Andy has been working with Santry Printing Ltd over the past number months providing high quality consulting and hands on training, he has helped us with our sales, marketing and lead generation with great results. His has extensive experience with business models of all types and sizes and has given us invaluable advice on the do’s and don’ts. He delivers top notch advice, ideas and strategies and I would highly recommend him.

Andy is a fantastic guy to be involved with his words of wisdom are so inspiring and also at his events I got to meet the most successful people in business and learned so much from them networking is key.